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Wigry National Park

Nature, Poland

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Establishedin 1989, it has an area of 15085 hectares. It preserves post-glacial landscape of the last glaciation with numerous watercourses and water basins (42), surrounded by forests and open spaces of fields and villages. The largest and the deepest lake of WNP is Lake Wigry, while its great peculiarity is the so-called ”suchary” – small, mid-forest lakes overgrowing by peatmoss communities. The most precious objects are under strict protection. They are, among others, some fragments of the Wiatrołuża River, the Czarna Hańcza River and  Lake Wigierskie Białe. The greatest monument of  WNP is a post-Camaldolese monastery.

Tourist Information Centre of WNP
Krzywe 82, 16-402 Suwałki, Suwalski distr., Poland
Wigry Museum of WNP
Stary Folwark 50, 16-402 Suwałki, Suwalski distr., Poland