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Vilkaviškis Monument to the Independence of Lithuania


In 1916, in the market square of Vilkaviškis, the Germans built a monument in honor of the German soldiers who died on the Eastern Front. At the end of 1918, when the German occupation power weakened, it was allowed to organize own administrative power and at the end of November, the townspeople who gathered established the Provisional City Committee. The Committee Council decided to rework and adapt the monument erected by the Germans in the marketplace to commemorate the reborn Lithuania. In 1923, in commemoration of the 5th anniversary of Lithuania's independence, a carved stone monument with Vytis was erected near the then Įgula Church, but it was mercilessly demolished in the post-war years and only in 1991, and architect V. Balčiūnas, using the photo, made a drawing according to which the monument was restored.