Pacai route

Vilkaviskis Manor


According to the historian B. Mašalaitis, knowing that from 1645 Vilkaviškis was ruled by Kristupas Zigmantas Pacas, it can be assumed that he built a manor in the city shortly after. The Vilkaviškis manor that has survived now is certainly not from the reign of the Pacai family, but the history of manors in the city may have started with this noble family. Even in the beginning of the 18th century Swedish chronicles mention that their soldiers were looking for the owners of a castle (apparently a manor) in Vilkaviškis to accommodate high-ranking officers. Historical sources mention that in 1812, while preparing for the battle with the Russian army, the French general Napoleon stayed at the Vilkaviškis manor for several days. Currently, the two-storey classicism style manor is not open to visitors.