Pacai route

The historic forest railway in Płociczno

Museums, Poland

The railway was built at the beginning of the 20th century to transport wood. Around 1910, tracks were laid on the Płociczno – Wasilczyki route. The carts were pulled by horses. In the years 1916-1918, after the occupation of the Suwałki region by the German army, the occupation authorities expanded the tracks. The railway was used to transport wood to the sawmill in Płociczno. In 1923, the construction of the track eastward, as far as Lake Zelwa, began. The total length of the tracks with a gauge of 60 cm was 50 km. The railway was used to transport wood until the mid-1980s. It was one of the last forest railways in Poland. In 1989, a quasi-documentary film about the railway was made, entitled "Revenge of the Capercaillie" directed by Waldemar Karwat. In 1991, it was entered into the register of monuments as a forest narrow-gauge railway complex, including a track with bridges and culverts from the Płociczno station to the Sejny-Augustów road, as well as a locomotive shed, a control room and repair facilities. Since May 19, 2001, it has been used for the needs of tourist traffic on a 10 km section (Płociczno - Krusznik) under the name - Wigierska Kolej Wąskotorowa.

Dr. Dariusz Maciej Ambrosiewicz


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