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Kybartai St. Aleksandras Neviškis Church Complex


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Kybartai St. Aleksandras Neviškis Church complex, built for railway workers in 1870, consists of two parts - the church and the priest‘s house. The church is central, of Greek cross plan, Russian Byzantine architecture prevails. During World War I, the prayer house was turned into a warehouse. In 1919, the Ministry of the Interior handed over the church, school building and 2 parish houses to the diocese of Seinai. Orthodoxes, living in Kybartai, applied to the authorities many times asking to return the church, until finally in 1929, by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, the dilapidated church was returned to the community. In 1935, Kybartai St. Alexander Neviškis church was renovated. Currently, the church belongs to Kybartai Orthodox St. Alexander Nevsky parish.