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The ruins of the church in Mieruszki

Church, Poland

The ruins of the church are located in the vicinity of road No. 652 Filipow - Kowale Oleckie, on a wooded hill by the eastern shore of Lake Mieruńskie Wielkie. The Evangelical church is mentioned in 1545. It was destroyed by the Tatars at the turn of 1656 and 1657. In the years 1695 - 1710, the Evangelical church was rebuilt in the Gothic form with elements of Dutch classicism. The altar in the style of of Gdańsk Baroque were made in Olecko. During World War I, a sorting office for field mail was placed in the church. Damaged during the war in 1945. After the war, the lack of care contributed to its ruin. During the reconstruction of the road in the 1960s, the church cemetery was destroyed.

Dr. Dariusz Maciej Ambrosiewicz