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Cemetery from the 1st war in Szypliszki

History, Poland

The cemetery is located about 1 kilometer south of the village, on the western side of the Szypliszki-Suwałki road, on the edge of the forest. Fenced with a wooden fence. On the axis of the alley. On its southern side, there are several parallel rows of graves originally marked with concrete tiles with a cross, in which German soldiers rest. On the north side of the alley there are probably graves of Russian soldiers. Near the gate, there are two high, contemporary wooden crosses (Latin and Orthodox). In February 1915, two German armies drove the Russians out of Prussia and almost the entire Suwałki region. There were heavy fights in which the Russian side suffered greater losses. 209 German and 498 Russian soldiers are buried in the cemetery in Szypliszki.

Dr. Dariusz Maciej Ambrosiewicz