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The Gižai manor has been mentioned since the 18th century, when it belonged to Minsk voivode A. M. Chmara. A brickyard, a distillery, a brewery, and a windmill operated in the manor. In the beginning of the 20th century a large part of the manor lands went to the peasants, the present Daržininkai, Naujieji Gižai, Adamarina, and other villages were located there. The rest of the manor was bought by the "Žagrė" society before the World War I, the priests' seminary bought the manor from it, and after the seminary was moved, a school was established. J. Vailokaitis bought the Gižai manor during the interwar period and gave it to his sister J. Prapuolenienė. She and her husband farmed there successfully, but during the war some of the buildings were destroyed. Eventually, the building became dilapidated and demolished in 1989. Only the two-storey brick manor farm barn has survived to this day.