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Windmill in Vištytis


In 1925, Jonas Kanapkis from Vištytis built a wooden windmill at the intersection of three roads, on the Long Hill. Harnessed to work, the wind turned the wings of the mill for three decades. When the collective farm was established, the wings of the mill were removed and the grinding work was done by the engine and electricity. In 1978-1992, an ethnographic museum operated there. In 2020, the mill reopened its doors to visitors. It houses almost all of the surviving authentic technological equipment. According to the iconography, the wings of the mill were restored, also, the "wind rose", the forged metal door hinges, and the "cast iron head" of the wings were restored. The Vištytis windmill is now adapted not only as an educational space, but also as an observation tower, from which the unique landscape of the hilly Suvalkija opens.