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Tomb Chapel of the Rekos Family


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The Rekos (or Rekas) were the nobles, rich manor managers and industrialists. Mikołaj Franciszek Rekosz, later his son, owned the metalwork and agricultural machinery factory "Minerva“. In the 7th decade of 19th century it was the only cast iron casting factory not only in the city of Kaunas, but also in the entire Kaunas governorate. The Rekos had several manors in the vicinity of Virbalis, they also owned Kaunas bus station. The tomb chapel of the Rekos family was built by M. P. Rekos, presumably after 1860, perhaps after the death of his first wife Antanina in 1863. According to available data, 5 representatives of the Rekos family were buried in the chapel of the Rekos, family: Antonina z Piotrowiczów Rekosz, Franciszek Mikołaj Rekosz, Julianna Helena Ręczyńska Rekosz, Dominik Witold Rekosz, and Mikołaj Franciszek Rekosz.