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Suwałki Landscape Park

Nature, Poland

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Established in the year 1976, it covers an area of  6338 hectares. It is an example of young, post-glacial landscape with moraine uplands and kames, eskers and boulder fields, kettle holes and tunnel valleys filled with water of rivers and lakes (26). Noteworthy are picturesque lakes in Kleszczówek and Szurpiły, and the deepest Polish lake - Lake Hańcza. SLP has four nature reserves and interesting historical objects: a Yatving hillfort on Góra Zamkowa (the Castle Hill), a village of the Old Believers called Wodziłki and a post-manor park in Stara Hańcza.

Tourist Information of SLP
Malesowizna 24, 16-404 Jeleniewo, Suwalski distr., Poland


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