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The Revuona Park in Prienai


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In the middle of the 17th century, a park was established next to G. V. Butler's palace in Prienai. The palace was surrounded by a neat park with a geometric structure, decorated with summerhouses, greenhouses, canals and ponds. Trees brought from other countries grew in the avenues of the park. Prienai Castle was destroyed during the war with the Swedes in 1701. Nowadays, the park is organized and fitted for visitors of all ages. In the park, a spring gushes from the depths of the earth, which is famous for its healing features. The source is considered healing because it flows towards the sun. In 1997, a Ukrainian man suffering from laryngeal cancer was among the participants at the woodcarving symposium held in Prienai. He drank the spring water for several weeks and recovered. This has also been confirmed by the research. The water was thoroughly tested and found to be of very good quality and composition.


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