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The Greimai Bridge connects two ethnographic regions - Suvalkija and Dzukija. Its length is
227 m, width 11 m.
The first wooden bridge was built in 1914 during World War I. It was blown up in 1915 and
rebuilt in the same year, when Prienai was occupied by the Germans. In 1937, the bridge was
broken by flood ice, but then at that time the governor of Prienai, Julius Greimas, began to take
care of the construction of a new - reinforced concrete - bridge as early as in1936. In 1941, the
bridge was blown up again, when the Soviets were retreating from the Germans, and then rebuilt
again. In 2010, the name of J. and A. J. Greimai was given to the Prienai Bridge. The first Soviet
Lithuanian film "The Bridge" was filmed on this bridge.



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