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Gižų St. Church of Antanas Paduvietis


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A wooden church was built in Gižai in 1774 on the initiative of Minsk voivode A. M. Chmara. In 1834 it burned down and in 1847-1850 the owners of the Gižai Manor built a new neo-Gothic style brick church according to the project of the Italian architect Henrikas Marconi. The calamities of the war barely touched the sanctuary, but it was repaired and the believers could gather again. Professionally painted canvasses "St. Joseph" and "Crucified" by unknown authors from the middle of the 19th century are stored in the Gižai church. An exceptional cross is in the great altar with a sculpture of the Crucified, created around 1850 - this is a less rarely seen image of the Crucified Christ, in which the emphasis is not on suffering, but on contemplation.