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Dabulevičiai larch


Dabulevičiai larch, a botanical heritage object, is growing in Daugelaičiai village near Kybartai. In 2016, the larch was included in the list of state-protected natural objects. This larch stands out for its massive branching, vertical and horizontal strands of branches. The girth of the trunk is 2.2 m, and the height is 14 m. Arborists anchored the "creeping" branches under it and even on the ground with dozens of supports. It is one of the most impressive botanical objects, which could be about 100-150 years old. It is said that the great-great-grandfather of the former owner of the homestead, S. Dabulevičienė, brought this larch sapling from Brazil. He was a ship captain and planned to plant even more larch trees in the homestead, but his plans were interrupted by the unexpected ancestor‘s death.