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World War I war cemetery in Wólka near Bakałarzewo

History, Poland

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One of the largest World War I cemeteries in the Suwałki Region. 715 German and 1,466 Russian soldiers are buried here. In October and early November 1914, fierce battles between German and Russian troops took place for three weeks near the village of Wólka nad Rospuda. After the Russians were driven out in 1915, the Germans carried out exhumation works and established a cemetery. During renovation works in 1996, the tombstones were replaced by 115 oak crosses. A stone gate with information boards and two wooden crosses (Latin and Orthodox) were built. It is located on the edge of the forest, 300 m from the road Rabalina - Bakałarzewo. In German sources, the cemetery is (incorrectly) located in the village of Rabalina.

Dr. Dariusz Maciej Ambrosiewicz