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Post-Camaldolese Monastery Complex in Wigry

Architecture, Poland

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Located in the Northern part of Wigry Lake, the antique complex consists of a church under the invocation of  Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary, built in the Baroque style and monumentally equipped, 17 houses for monks (hermitages), The Chancellor's Chapel, The Royal House, a dining-hall with an entrance gate, a house of a monk-doorkeeper, a clock tower, a stairtower and a parsonage. It was founded for Camaldolese monks by King Jan Kazimierz in 1667. After the 3rd partition of Poland the Camaldolese monks had to leave Wigry. In 1797-1818 it was the seat of a bishopric. Destroyed in both of the world wars, it was restored after each of them. Nowadays it is a seat of Fundacja Wigry PRO (The Wigry PRO Fundation).


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