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The Alvitas manor has been mentioned since the beginning of the 16th century, but only from the 19th century, under the rule of V. Gauronskis, and later - his youngest son Stanislovas, the manor flourished. In 1905, after the reconstruction of the old wooden brewery, a distillery building was built. During the interwar, after the state introduced state vodka control, the distillery flourished. Probably the largest part of the production of this distillery goes to Karaliaučius, a little less - to Vilkaviškis, where it is bottled and distributed among the shops. The last owner of the manor and the distillery is the signatory D. Malinauskas. During the Soviet era, the entire property was nationalized, and the restaurant operated. Now the descendants of his son-in-law A. Stomma having recovered the lost distillery property and part of the lake, aim to revive the memory of D. Malinauskas. 


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